What are Sneakers For Men| The Ultimate Guide To Sneakers

So many shoes in the market and i m sure you must be wondering about what are sneakers for men, sneakers are the most casual and comfortable. If you look around the street, you will see that a majority of the shoes are sneakers. Sneakers come in any form and are loved by everyone because they are comfortable, stylish, and most importantly, affordable. 

The term sneaker originated because you can sneak up on a person wearing sneakers but not leather shoes, hence its acceptance into our everyday vocabulary. Though, we do not mean to imply you will sneak up on anyone. Rather, we want you to look trendy and more modern.

Having existed since the early 20th century, the sneaker is one of the best-designed functional footwear styles, designed for active endeavors, such as sport or commuting. Although this rubber-soled shoe was once considered a casual shoe, it has quickly risen to the top of the style ranks alongside loafers and boots. Shoes once reserved solely for athletic activities can now be seen wearing gowns at red carpet events as well as strutting down the runway. Men have many types of casual shoes, and each type of casual shoe has many variations.

4 Types Of Sneakers For Men

Low Tops

low top sneakers
what are men's sneakers
low top shoes
  • Sneakers with open ankles are called low-tops.
  • Since they are usually lightweight and thin, they are better suited for summer than winter.
  • A sneaker like this is probably what we see most of the time in our daily lives.

High Tops

high top casual sneakers
Best high top sneakers
Ankle-high leather sneakers
  • Sneakers with high tops cover the ankles.
  • As Hight tops sneakers are quite bulky and heavy on your feet, they are most suitable for wearing in winter.
  • Most of the time, they are less understated than a clean, low top, and they don't blend well with a more formal outfit.


slip on shoes
men's slip on shoes
Ankle high men's slip on shoes
  • Slip-on sneakers are the perfect solution for, on-the-go lifestyles.
  • The perfect sneaker for everyday comfort, this easy-to-wear shoe went from skater style to street chic in no time
  • These sneakers are extremely convenient and casual.
  • You should make sure not to wear high socks with these low-rise sneakers as that would ruin the look.

Explore Sneaker’s history

These shoes are common footwear you can wear during your daily routine and for sporting events. As for me, I’m speaking of sneakers, the footwear of choice for the never-ending go-getters. What’s the story behind sneakers, and do they have anything to do with sneaking?

Invented by a prison matron, Female Life in Prison was the source of sneakers in 1862. Robinson uses the word “sneaks” to refer to the shoes the prison guards (matrons) wore to describe the prison life for females in England during the 19th century in his first of two published books.

However, the term “sneak” did not originate here. There has been a word associated with stealth since the 16th century, meaning things like making a stealthy move, acting sneakily, but this reference in 1862 is the first to suggest a particular shoe.

What are sneakers
high top converse

The “sneak” was also referred to as a shoe and published in another book in England twelve years later. James Greenwood described the sneak as a shoe made of canvas with a rubber sole in his book, In Strange Company, from 1874. United States consumers were starting to use the term sneaker by the turn of the century.

Sneakers were originally called sandshoes. Liverpool Rubber Company produced the shoe in the 1830s. Like the previous shoe, it was also made from canvas with rubber soles. However, today, in the UK, they are often referred to as trainers instead of plimsolls.

From 1917 to 1960, US Rubber manufactured the Keds brand, which became popular in the US. A company had already trademarked Peds, which was going to be the original name. Converse and Keds later dominated sneaker markets with the iconic Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Despite this, some have claimed Keds were the first sneakers. Upon further review, it was found that tennis shoes were described as sneakers in 1889. Before Keds began to dominate the market, it was evident that sneakers had been widely used in the US.

Sneakers: Understanding Your Style

There is a wide variety of sneakers on the market today. Sneakers come in a wide variety of styles, materials, and looks. There are few rules in terms of Sneakers design, from basic canvas to the world’s finest leathers. You can find yourself confused about what are sneakers, and even more so about which options most closely match your style and wardrobe.

The good news is that we can simplify the process for you. You’ll easily ace your footwear exams if you follow this How To Wear Sneakers Style 101 guide.

Basic Sneakers

You’ll find Converse, Vans, etc., in these types. They can sometimes be made of leather, but are usually canvas and come in basic colors. Their main features are affordability, ease of wear/cleaning, and the fact that they can be combined with practically anything. But you might not find them as comfortable as they could be.

Basic Sneakers Style
Vans Casual footwear

Refined Luxury Sneakers

Similar to plimsolls, these are sometimes made from suede, leather, or velvet, and are usually carried by designers like Tom Ford, Lanvin, & Saint Laurent. These aren’t the sort of things you’d take to a music festival.

Luxury Casuals
Luxury Men's Sneakers

Modern Sports Sneakers

The brand names are Nike, Adidas, and Puma, but they have a modern twist. Generally, dressing up in modern sports sneakers is harder than dressing up in classic styles.

Men's Sport Sneakers
Shoes for sports

Hiking / Trail Sneakers

Although these shoes were originally designed for technical activities, they are fast gaining traction in mainstream culture as well.  It’s hard to style this one.

Hike Sneakers
Trail Sneakers

The Basic Classic

It doesn’t matter whether your sneakers are Chucks, canvas kicks, or anything else, a basic sneaker is versatile and a great casual choice. You can wear them with pretty much any kind of denim, chinos, or shorts.

Our experience has been that some guys get a little stuck when wearing these types of sneakers to smart-casual events or to work situations where dress shoes are necessary. It is NOT appropriate to wear a basic sneaker to every occasion. It should only be worn for casual occasions. For the best top look, get yourself a printed t-shirt, a gingham shirt, or even a blazer to look like a college professor.

  • Combine with skinny, slim, and relaxed denim
  • Don’t wear for formal occasions, only for casual occasions
  • You should maintain them in a clean and respectable manner
  • Males in their 20s and 30s are the best candidates

Luxury Sneakers

Taking the basic sneaker to a whole new level is our personal favorite. Shoes have been transformed from street casual to smart casual thanks to these gorgeous specimens. It is possible to wear them with tailored pants, slim denim, chinos, or, in some cases, even a casual unstructured suit.

These sneakers are quite bulky compared to the more simple canvas sneakers, so make sure not to wear them with shorts. Make sure the top matches the shoe. There are many great options, ranging from basic T-shirts to smart shirts to polos. If you want a more distinguished look, you should combine a shirt with a slim or knit tie, blazer, and some slim jeans.

  • You should dress up, not down
  • Purchase black first, then other colors
  • Suede should be handled with extra care and should not be worn too often
  • Brighter pairs are best for summer vacations/holidays in Europe

Modern Sport Sneakers

Focus on new sneaker releases that feature low profiles and fashionable elements.

Runner/sporty clothing looks bulky and cannot be pulled off. Dress them up as you would a pair of classic sneakers or wear them with gym gear or running clothes on the weekends. Make sure to avoid loose-fitting denim, which never looks good. Consider slim Nudie chinos or elastic cuff varieties as an alternative. Top it off with a t-shirt for a casual, sporty vibe.

  • Do not wear white running shoes
  • Your shirts don’t need to be tucked in with these sneakers
  • To complement the shoe, choose a sporty look

Designer Sneakers

Stylish but expensive, these high-end sneakers are becoming more flamboyant and louder every year. The best example of someone wearing them consistently is Kanye West. Generally, people pair these sneakers with slim denim and open plaid shirts with t-shirts.

Additionally, some patterns add even more edge to the look in the Parisian style, which includes long and draped blazers and singlets. Long, loose-fit t-shirts and black denim are essential items.

  • Keep it simple with blacks, whites, and muted colors
  • The sneakers will speak for themselves
  • You can’t go wrong with denim

Difference Between Running Shoes and Sneakers

Running shoes are for the distance, while sneakers are for street cred.

The newest performance technology in technical trainers promises not only to increase your speed but also to ensure ankle support and a smooth heel-to-toe motion. While lightweight styles with flat soles are ideal for athletic activities, a rubber sole is ideal for an athleisure aesthetic.

Best Sneakers brands


  • Nike has been popular since the very beginning, mainly thanks to the variety of styles they offer.
  • I find it very unlikely that you won't find at least one Nike shoe you'll enjoy. Their best-selling basketball shoes were the Air Jordans, the world's most popular basketball sneakers.
  • Nike does it all, so if you're searching for the perfect sneaker, they probably have what you're looking for.


  • Adidas probably has more appeal in the fashion world right now than Nike, even though I said Nike was the most successful sneaker brand of all time.
  • Boost Technology is killing it at the moment as evidenced by a slew of successful designer collaborations and the increasing popularity of shoes featuring the technology.


  • Despite making mostly skate shoes, Vans also has a significant streetwear presence.
  • This is due to their talent for designing sneakers with an attractive silhouette and a simple style.
  • Vans are a good choice if you want basic, durable shoes.

In addition to the three brands mentioned above, there are other great ones as well. Here are some examples.

  • Converse
  • Puma
  • New Balance
  • Asics

Designer Sneakers

Some designers make very good sneakers, too, if you have the money. Here are some examples.

  • Raf Simons
  • Rick Owens

Now that you know what sneakers are, what types they come in, and what to wear with them, I hope this has been helpful. Although there is a lot more to learn about sneaker culture than what is here, this is a good starting point. You should check out what to wear with these sneakers and what all factors you should not forget when buying them.

You should step out of your comfort zone while giving into sneaker culture by wearing a pair of sneakers you may never have imagined.

Fashion-forward sneaker brands are transcending boundaries and defining every fashion category. Now you can wear them at casual gatherings, formal events, or even attend fashion shows. By 2030, it is almost certain that sneaker culture will dominate more than it has already.

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