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People these days have this misconception that sneakers are meant only for the gym but it’s not true, sneakers have become a staple in every man’s wardrobe collection. Sneakers buying guide will help you understand all factors and criteria involved when purchasing the ideal sneaker for men.

We have some of the best sneakers for men that will help you in deciding which one to pick after you go through the below guide or you can also just look at the best sneaker collection on Amazon. We also have an amazing guide about different types of casual shoes that you may be interested in.

Best Sneakers buying Guide for Men in India

Types of Sneakers:

There are mainly three sneakers categories and each type of sneaker has different attributes when compared to one another.


  • Low-tops sneakers are not of ankle height thus do not cover the ankle
  • They are relatively lightweight and slim therefore making them perfect for summer.
  • One of the most popular types of shoe.

But that not it, there are different types of low-top sneakers for men. Two of the most popular categories are mentioned below:

  • Runner
    • Runner sneakers are one of the most popular shoes in the market thanks to big shoe markets such as Nike and Adidas because of which almost every shoe brand is creating athletic shoes.
    • Runner shoes are considered the most comfortable low-top sneakers.
  • Skate
    • Skate shoes are extremely lightweight.
    • They are made of canvas or leather.
    • They are quite durable because of their thick soles.
    • Keeping style in mind, they provide a completely different look and look perfect with any casual attire.
    • If you specifically want a skate sneaker, then the most popular brand for them is Vans.


  • Mid-top sneakers are that footwear that comes between high-tops and low-tops.
  • Many popular brands have started developing such kinds of shoes and mid-tops are relatively new in the market.


  • Any sneaker that covers the ankle is high-top footwear.
  • Being high-top sneakers for men, they are bulky and heavy thus better during winter than the summer season.
  • High doesn’t go with formal outfits and they are not as classy and stylish as low-tops.

There are different types of shoes apart from sneakers and if you want to enhance your wardrobe collection then check them out.

Basic Sneaker rules

Before you go and choose sneakers, you should at least follow certain guidelines that will make your life easy.

Choose sneakers based on your current wardrobe:

  • It means instead of following the current trend or picking the most popular shoe, choose a sneaker that compliments what you already have and not the ones for which you need to repurchase the entire wardrobe.

Right Sneakers for the right outfit.

  • Sneakers are versatile but that doesn’t mean that you will wear them with almost anything.

Clean Sneakers

  • A dirty sneaker will always look bad no matter how much you have spent on it or how good your clothes are. Sneakers need proper maintenance such as washing laces, brushing the outsoles, eliminating odors, they are some of the most important and essential things that you should do from time to time.

How to wear them

Sneakers come in different shapes and sizes and with so many options to choose from, it can be hard in picking the ideal shoe for you but even the more challenging part of this is that with which one to pick that suits your wardrobe and taste.

We have made things easier for you by highlighting that what types of shoes go with what outfits.

Basic Sneakers

  • They are versatile, affordable, and comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • They are easy to wear and clean them.
  • They are your everyday shoes that go with almost anything.
How and when to wear them
  • Wear them with chinos, slim and skinny fit denim jeans
  • Goes with a Casual or street look

Luxury/Premium Sneakers

  • You need to invest a bit if you want premium sneakers
  • They are made of leather or suede
How and when to wear them
  • Can be worn as smart casual shoes
  • Tailored trousers, chinos, slim denim
  • Avoid wearing them with shorts
  • Basic T-shirt, polos, shirts, and blazer are also good options

Classic Sport Sneakers

  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Everyday shoe
How and when to wear them
  • Slim and tapered fit jeans
  • T-shirts, chinos, shorts

Sneaker brands

Each brand has its unique style and design and it is up to you what you like and prefer. But we would like to bring some of the best and popular sneaker brands.


  • One of the most successful sneaker brand
  • Nike shoes are a bit expensive but they are worth the money
  • They make shoes that are lightweight and comfortable


  • Another one of the most popular brands among men.
  • Adidas designs their shoes considering almost every factor, most of the Adidas shoes have side cushioning, heel support for keeping your feet comfortable.
  • Their footwear quality is top-notch.

Apart from these two, there are also plenty of renowned brands such as Puma, Converse, Vans, and many more.

How we rate them

To evaluate the best shoes for you, and to do that we rate the shoes based on the following parameters., therefore please follow our sneakers buying guide before purchasing a footwear.


  • The best way to measure the fitting of a shoe by wearing a sock and putting them in and it should cohesively wrap around your heel without slippage.
  • Whereas a running or walking sneaker should have an ample amount of space in front of your toes and you might need to take a bigger size one because of your feet movements while running.
  • Ideal footwear should mimic the shape of your foot.
  • We also capture these details in the article when reviewing a product so that it can help you understand the shape of the shoe.
  • While purchasing the sneaker, you should always consider whether the shoe has to cushion or are lightweight or have a durable outsole, or have proper arch support. Because you will be less prone to injury if you opt for the right pair of footwear.
  • You can also evaluate the footwear by understanding how you felt after removing it, did you develop hotspots, any blisters, or bruised toes, some shoes can also cause pain like shin splints or knee pain.
  • We have considered reviews from the popular eCommerce seller websites and came up with the shoe life ratings
  • Sneakers are expensive and if the shoes don’t last long then there is no point investing in that brand or footwear.
  • Apart from comfort and fit, a shoe should have a certain style because, in the end, you will be wearing them with proper outfits.
  • We follow the latest trend and rate the shoes based on that, the most popular shoe with the proper fitting and amazing comfort that also have a unique style and color will boost not only your confidence but also you will get lots of praises.
  • Sneakers can be lightweight depending on what types of sneaker they are. Thus we measure their weight and rate them accordingly.
  • Shoes are not a one-time investment, they will reduce their durability over time and eventually run down and become shabby.
  • A shoe is considered value for money only when it has a long life, extremely durable, and affordable, even though the price range can change but it falls under these criteria we will consider those shoes as valuable.

Also, check out our scoutchoices website for more tips and for a comprehensive guides.

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