The Ultimate Loafer Shoe Buying Guide For Men

Before understanding the factors involved in purchasing the best loafer or jumping directly to the loafer shoe buying guide, you need to understand what loafers are.

Loafers are sleek, low-profile, and are without any laces, there are many types of loafers and each has its unique style and dress codes.

Basic characteristics a loafer

  • Loafers are slip-on shoes without any laces.
  • Your ankle will be exposed since the shoe does not wrap easily around it.
  • The loafer’s sole will be separate from its upper.

Loafer Shoe Buying Guide for Men in India

Types of Loafers

penny loafers - loafer shoe buying guide


  • These are the old school shoes that were originated in the 30s and yet one of the most popular loafers in the market.
  • They are versatile, comes in multiple color options such as espresso, burgundy, brown, and black.
  • You can wear them with casual or semi-formal outfits
  • Penny loafers have horizontal straps across the top of the loafers
  • You can wear them daily
  • The best season is Summer, Spring, and Autumn
tassel loafers for men


  • A European-style shoe that is incredibly stylish and most casual of loafers.
  • Comes in Khaki, navy, brown, and beige.
  • They have a round toe outlined and a tassel affixed at the top of the footwear.
  • You can wear them in Semi-formal and casual outfits.
  • The best season is Summer and Autumn.
Gucci Leather Loafers


  • An Italian design that has a more traditional approach to the style and mainly comes in black and brown.
  • A Gucci loafer will have a metal clasp or bar across its front.
  • You can wear them with causals and semi-formal outfits.
  • The best Season is Summer and Spring.

There are other types of loafers as well such as kiltie loafers or driving loafers but the above 3 are the most popular ones.


suede loafers


  • If you are looking for a casual approach, then suede loafers are the best choice.
  • You can wear them in the Summer and Spring seasons and they should be protected from moisture.
  • Not that durable when compared with leather loafers.
  • More versatile and can be worn with multiple outfits.
  • They have a texture that adds to the elegance of the shoe.
Gucci Leather Loafers


  • Suitable with smart outfits that are either with a tailored outfit or full suit.
  • Durable

Loafers and Outfits


  • You can easily swap your sneakers with loafers on smart casual outfits and you will see the difference.
  • Suede and lightweight textured loafers will be best.
  • Wear bright colors for more casual looks.


  • Loafers look best with semi-formal outfits as they look both relaxed and simplistic.
  • Go with classic colors that complement your trousers and shirts.


  • Loafers do not look great with formals if you didn’t choose the right material.
  • A leather loafer not only adds lots of dimensions to the formal look but also looks classy


  • Loafers are an excellent option if you wear them with suits or trousers with either a shirt or blazer.
  • Good for cocktail events or office parties.


  • Loafers with chinos are the perfect combination since both of them imply a sophisticated yet relaxed look.
  • A great smart casual appearance.


  • Can replace sneakers and wear them with jeans to elevate your style.
  • The jeans/Shirt combo or jeans/sweater combo is way better than the jean/T-shirt combo.

Loafer Color options

Black is the most universal color that goes with almost everything, but other color loafers such as brown ones are best suited with suits. Whereas navy, beige, white, and greens are also popular choices among men and complements most casual outfits.

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