Best Casual Shoes

A great outfit begins with the right shoes. Your footwear can quickly elevate or detract from your ensemble.

Unlike what we used to wear since we have learned to walk, the casual shoes for men have evolved to such a degree that if picked the right ones they will not only makes your feet comfortable but also elevates your style.

The price of casual shoes varies from 500 rupees up to 5000 rupees and no matter what price range of shoe you pick; you may want to consider certain factors that will help you in picking the top casual shoes for boys.

Purchasing a good shoe is very important and a right investment that every man should do which is why we have picked some of the most stylish shoes for men in India. …

Many people usually think that they bought best men’s casual shoes online without knowing their own feet size and end up getting the wrong pair of shoes, therefore, you don’t need to …

Footwear is not just to protect your feet, they have become a style statement and plays an important role in the outfits you wear. Therefore it is important to know what are …

You should always upgrade your wardrobe with a stylish and trendy collection, and the best way to understand the different types of casual shoes that one can own. Of course, the topic is up for debate but most of the stylists have a similar list with little variations.

Below are some of the most stylish and essential casual shoes that every guy should own.

Best Sneakers For Men

Sneakers are one of the most versatile and popular casual shoes that are your everyday footwear and can be paired with most casual outfits. To describe sneakers in a sentence, they are kind of footwear that is made of rubber or synthetic sole that makes it flexible whereas the upper part is made of fabric cloth or synthetic material and yet you can say that they are comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Key Features

  • The sole is made of rubber or synthetic whereas the upper part is mainly made of canvas, denim, leather, or synthetic.
  • They are affordable and you will hardly go wrong in picking them.
  • The sneakers made of leather are expensive but they come from a top brand and wearing them will change your looks.
  • Some sneakers are specifically designed for sports and they don’t look that great with normal outfits.
  • They are comfortable but they can never replace the dress shoes.

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Best Loafers For Men

Loafers are at the border between casual shoes and formal shoes, with their slip-on functionality and exquisite design makes them versatile for both formal events as dress shoes as well as on party nights as casual shoes. Loafers are lightweight and easy-going thus makes them perfect for summers. You can wear them without socks, therefore, giving more space and breathing room to your ankle and feet.

Key Features:

  • They come in a wide variety of colors thus giving you plenty of options to choose from.
  • Similarly, there are different types of loafers with each having its unique characteristics and designs.
  • They are lightweight and comfortable, perfect for summers.
  • Versatile and a recommended collection for your wardrobe.

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Best Moccasins For Men

Casual Shoes for men - moccasins

Moccasins are similar to loafers as they share the same slip-on characteristics as loafers. They are made of leather with a soft sole and never have heels.

Key Features

  • Many types of moccasins have laces but they are mainly for decoration purposes.
  • You can wear moccasins with smart casuals also unlike loafers that are a more casual option.

Moccasins have quite an interesting history and how they came into fashion, many people associate them with loafers, though they both resemble almost in the same way they have several distinctive features. …

With time everything changes, people create new and innovative technologies that can be applied in various fields especially creating new types of shoes but moccasins were different, they are not bound to …

Best Boots For Men

There are dozens of types of boots available on Amazon and Flipkart but you should look for Chukkas, military boots, and Chelsea boots. They are extremely durable because of their sturdy sole, out of all the boots leather boots are one of the most stylish boots for men.

Key Features

  • There are different types of boots in which desert boots are the most versatile when it comes to design and are perfect for everyday wear.
  • Leather boots are often considered formal shoes for men because of their sleek design and easy to work with any formal outfit.
  • They are durable and they fit perfectly.
  • Most boots have heels that are distinguishable from the rest of the sole.
boots on Amazon

Boots come in an amazing range of heights, materials, designs, etc, and choosing a pair of boots can be very difficult because of multiple styles, colors, price range, longevity, current trend, versatility, …

Best Espadrilles For Men

Espadrilles are the most underrated type of casual shoe that no one knows about, the way they are constructed makes them perfect for summer. They are slip-on shoes that are so comfortable that you will forget your sneakers, plus pairing espadrille with the slim fit pair of jeans will enhance your look to the next level.

Key Features

  • They are lightweight and made of canvas, jute, or cotton fabric with a flexible sole.
  • A stylish swap for sandals.
  • They come in a wide variety of colors.
suede loafers

Espadrilles are perfect for summers, as they are better than flip-flops and sandals in terms of style and comfort whereas lighter than sneakers. You can find some of the amazing collections of …

Best Boat Shoes For Men

Another slip-on masterpiece that has become a crowd favorite recently. They are made of canvas and leather and you can distinguish them by their low cut, handsewn construction with a non-marking, non-skid rubber sole with laces on top.

Key Features

  • A slip-on shoe that is not only durable but also extremely comfortable.
  • Darker Brown is one of the trendiest colors.
  • They take time to fit properly as they will stretch out and get looser as you wear them therefore a little patience is required.
boat shoes for men

You always want a pair of shoes that is comfortable, you can slip on and off whenever you want and can go with most casual clothing options then boat shoes is the …

Guides That Will Elevate Your Style

Guides are essential as they not only give you a detailed explanation of the product but also the factors that you should consider before making a purchase.

The ultimate collection of Best boots on Amazon

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The ultimate collection of Best boots on Amazon

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The ultimate collection of Best boots on Amazon

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The ultimate collection of Best boots on Amazon

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The ultimate collection of Best boots on Amazon

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The ultimate collection of Best boots on Amazon

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Frequently asked questions

Nike, Adidas, and Puma are some of the most well-known brands, and sneakers and loafers are the two most popular casual shoes for men.

White leather sneakers are the most popular style of casual shoe and have become a staple for business and pleasure.

You can wear them as casual shoes daily, even though they are usually a bit expensive and not as elegant as casual shoes like sneakers or loafers but they are one of the most comfortable shoes.

Picking the perfect shoe will take time, as it is impossible to keep up with all the latest fashion trends, therefore it is best that initially, you pick a couple of slip-on canvas shoes like loafers or moccasins and sneakers.

Sneakers are one of the casual shoes that you can wear every day with almost all casual outfits, especially with slim-fit jeans. They are affordable and you can even find some of the best sneakers are under 1000 that are of top quality.

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