Choose best shoes for running in India| Buying guide 2021

Choosing the best shoes for running can be a daunting task, with so many options to pick from and when it comes to running people generally have this misconception that top or the most popular ones are the best running footwears. You should always pick the one that gives you the perfect fit and you can easily pick the ideal footwear by following our guide.

Remember the wrong pair of footwear will not only make you uncomfortable but also end up hurting your ankle and heel.

Best Shoes for Running in India

How frequently you run?

Before you even start looking for the finest shoes for running, you should first determine the running profile based on your number of sessions that is whether you go for an intensive, rider, or regular running.

If you run more than thrice a week either for training or running around a track, then footwear with good cushioning is ideal for you since it will ensure maximum comfort and will be most suitable for your needs, otherwise go for basic ones that have basic cushioning.

At what surface you will run?

Knowing your running surface will not only prevent unnecessary injuries but also increases the life of your footwear. The top shoes for running are designed specifically as per the usage be it surface, the intensity of your running or workout sessions, or the frequency of your run.

Running on plane surface or Road:

  • The running shoes are lightweight
  • Good Cushioning
  • Extremely flexible and stable

Running on rough surfaces or Trail running:

  • The trail running footwears are designed for rough surfaces such as hills and natural terrains.
  • The trail running shoes provide good ankle support and are stable
  • They also have a rugged sole for protection against sharp and edgy rocks, plus good traction for better grip.

Running on the treadmill or indoor running:

  • They are light and flexible
  • These footwears are designed in such a way that they have soft soles and good ventilation.

How to get a perfect fit shoe?

You should be aware of your feet size before purchasing the the best running shoes, a general rule of thumb is that there should be at least ½ to 1-inch gap between the toe and the front of the shoes. Because while running your feet might slide inside and might hurt your toe, plus also check the right width as some footwears might accommodate better for a narrow or wide foot.

Which brand to pick?

Brand should never be the priority even though the intuition behind a good brand is trust but when it comes to choosing the best shoes for running there are other important factors to consider such as shoe vs feet compatibility and comfort.

How we rate running shoes?


Lightweight running shoes even though they lack enough cushioning and are less durable, are more flexible and ideal for running on plain surfaces, faster workouts, and races. Therefore recommended for more experienced runners that enjoy speed runs.


The most important factor when purchasing running shoes is comfort especially if you prefer long-distance runs. People purchase expensive footwear just because they think more money means more comfort but that is not always true.

Cushioning & Stability

A good shoe can be described using two features: cushioning and stability.

  • Choosing footwear with good cushioning ensures maximum comfort and reduces the shockwaves thus minimizing the risk of getting injured.
  • If you are running on trail or plane surfaces then always look for cushioning or stack height but lightweight shoes offer less cushioning thus provides less protection from the impact, that is the trade-off that you need to consider.
  • The stability of the footwear is another important factor in supporting your feet throughout long outings and if you look for stability in shoes, you might come across some jargons that might confuse you such as pronation, stability, motion control, overpronation.
  • If you still want to understand these terms then you can definitely check out here.

General Idea behind the stability is that running shoes should be bigger near the toes and tighter in the midfoot than casual footwears. Such footwear is designed to stop the excess motion of your ankle and foot without restricting movement too much


An ideal pair of running shoes should have flexibility, durability, and support but the level of these depends on which categories do these footwears fall under such as motion control, stability, cushioned, trail, and lightweight.

  • Everyday running shoes are most durable and can handle all types of running.
  • Lightweight running shoes are less durable and best for faster workouts.
  • Trail running shoes have a durable upper and lugs on the bottom for better grip on rough surfaces.


Running footwear is always about their function and not fashion, therefore don’t get tempted just because your favorite celebs wear them or because they are popular and trendy.

Never fall in love with the looks of footwear before knowing your running habits and you may not choose the best shoes for running on the first attempt, it is a trial and error method.

Value for money

If you are looking for the top shoes for running then you need to invest some money but this doesn’t mean that you need to buy the most expensive pairs to enjoy the run similarly, cheap running footwears are not designed for running and may not hold up to the criteria of an ideal running shoe.

Running shoes in India starts at 400-500 rupees and as no upper limit, the ideal range will be between 1,500 to 2,500 rupees. They are way better than cheap running footwears and the difference between them and expensive one is not that vast.

Quick buying tip : You should look for footwears that are of previous year’s models rather than going for low-priced running shoes. You will pay 25 – 40% less with proper feedback from other customers.

Running shoes: Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do running shoes make a difference?

Of course, they make a difference, a good running shoe may be a little expensive than other sneakers but they are designed in such a way that the footwear provides comfort, cushioning, and support to your feet.

Which is better walking or running shoes?

Walking shoes are designed differently, they are not required to be lightweight or have a breathable mesh-like design but they do provide good arch support.

On the other hand, running shoes are lighter and have cushioning from heel to toe, plus since running is an intense sport, therefore, most running footwears are made of mesh for air ventilation.

To know more about the difference, you can also check out.

How long should a pair of running shoes last?

Four to six months if you are regular, but you can sense the sign even before that. To know more about it, do check out here.

Will Running Shoes Make Me Faster?

Good running shoes can help you maintain a better level of comfort during a run that allows you to perform at your best for longer, but they may not necessarily help with your raw speed.

How Tight Should Running Shoes Be?

Running shoes should be comfortable to wear. A poor fit can lead to blisters forming.

Are running shoes good for the gym?

No, because running and training shoes are different in terms of sole flexibility or cushioning, even though they book look quite similar.

Training shoes have flatter soles thus more flexible for a wide range of movements.

How to wash running shoes?

It is extremely important to pick the right footwear especially when you are planning for running or jogging and we hope that after reading the buying guide, you may be able to pick the top footwear for running.

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