Best men’s casual shoes in India | Ultimate buying guide 2021

Many people usually think that they bought best men’s casual shoes online without knowing their own feet size and end up getting the wrong pair of shoes, therefore, you don’t need to be a fashion expert to know what to wear and what not to, just follow our advice and you will be good.

Casual shoes are much more comfortable than any other type of footwear plus they come in great styles and varieties. There is a huge collection of footwear available online and people tend to get overwhelmed and end up buying the footwear that is most popular or trendy but there is a great quote by Carl Jung – The shoe that fits one person pinches another; there is no recipe for living that fits all cases.

No shoe fits all the occasions or styles, some would be perfect for job interviews, some will be for casual meetings while some will be perfect for vacations and trips, therefore be patient and follow our guide till the end.

Best Men's Casual Shoes in India

Right shoes for the right occasion

People know what they want to wear on each occasion but when it comes to wearing shoes they pair the wrong shoes with the wrong attire and hence ruining the overall look.

Don’t be someone like who pairs running shoes with blazer or boat shoes with formals, therefore understand that different occasions demand different types of shoes and to know more about the what are some of the best casual shoes for men you can always check our guide.

Pick Quality over Quantity

Don’t buy multiple cheap footwear and be happy about it, you should always invest in quality shoes even if you want to stretch a little bit in terms of money.

It does not mean that you should buy expensive footwear, but pick shoes that give you comfort and have a longer life. Plus you will feel the difference between a decent and good pair of shoes, for a starter choose known and trustable brands they are will give you value for money, and later you can experiment with multiple good shoes and pick the one that suits you better.

Pick your style

There are so many types of shoes such as formal, casual, sports and each category have multiple categories but don’t get overwhelmed just keep on following our guide and we will get you there.

Our recommendation is to pick 2-3 shoes in each category for example sneakers and loafers are the two most popular and best men’s casual footwear that are versatile and go with most of the dresses.


Material of the shoe is by far the most important factor when scouting good shoes because they not only are comfortable but also good material make shoes look good. Most casual shoes are made of leather, canvas, rubber,  suede, and synthetics.

  • Leather: The best material for footwear is leather it is not only comfortable to wear but also extremely durable and can be used for both formal and casual shoes but on the downside, it is expensive and difficult to maintain. Plus it lasts longer than fabric shoes and comes in a variety of colors and textures.
  • Suede: Suede comes in multiple colors and because of its low cost it is the alternative to leather, it is also comfortable and durable as well as you can easily maintain them.
  • Canvas: Another material for casual shoes is canvas, canvas casual shoes are lightweight, comfortable, can pair it up with multiple dresses, and strong enough.
  • Synthetic: Another variant of footwear that comes under the category of finest men’s casual footwear is synthetic, trainers or athlete uses these type of shoes for running and exercises as they are lightweight, cheap and durable.
  • There are basically two types of synthetic shoes nylon and polyesters that are available in multiple colors. Whereas rubber is mostly used in insoles and sometimes the uppers. If you are looking for running shoes then you can definitely check out our guide before purchasing one.

Other features

Many outstanding men’s casual shoes are designed in such as way that allows air to pass smoothly thus helps in evaporating sweat and moisture from your feet.

Another thing that you should check is whether the footwear is properly cushioned or not because a shoe with a proper cushion will not only provides comfort and relaxation to your feet but also protect your ankle from injuries thus acts as a cushion.

Ratings - Best Men's Casual Shoes


Comfort is the foremost thing that you should for the best men’s casual shoes, otherwise what is the point of having stylish footwear but cannot wear much because it gives blisters for the next few days? Most shoes are cushioned from the inside so that they provide support, comfort as well as relax our minds, and prevents any injury.


There is various type of men’s casual shoes and each footwear is unique in its way whether it is for looks, comfort or ease of wearing they all have pros and cons.

Thus we rate footwear based on their usability that is which type of shoe can be used with almost all the dresses as well as the most versatile ones.

Material Quality

As explained earlier, best men’s casual shoes are made of different materials and each has its respective merits and demerits.

We rate shoes that have proper stability and grip since it helps in balancing and prevents injury as well as how much comfortable they are to wear them for a long time.


Fitting the shoe is also essential, wearing a large pair of shoes will affect your walking style and most likely you will feel the strain on your back and feet. Whereas tight shoes will have no space to stretch plus you will get a foot injury.

Therefore, we recommend that you should buy a shoe that has at least ½ inch space in front of your toes.

Buying tip: Make sure that you measure your feet late in the day because your feet tend to be large in the evening so that the shoes will accommodate your feet perfectly.


Durability is another important factor that one should look for when purchasing the best men’s casual shoes and that is why we recommend that people should invest in good pair of footwear.

FAQ - Best Men's Casual Shoes

  • What shoes go with everything for guys? Sneakers and loafers are two of the most versatile and popular men’s casual shoes.
  • How many shoes a man should have? We recommend one should have at least 5 pairs of good footwear (two formal shoes and three casual shoes), not including sports or running shoes. Though if you are looking for the best shoes for running then check our amazing guide.
  • Which brand is best for casual shoes? The top 3 best men’s casual shoe brands in India are UCB (United Colors of Benetton), Nike, and Adidas. All 3 casual shoe brands are amazing and economical.
  • Which type of shoes is best for daily use? Pick footwear that is comfortable and fits your feet perfectly to avoid any blisters or calluses. A slip-on shoe is always an ideal choice that should be not only tough and durable but also stylish and comfortable for everyday use especially if it’s a running shoe or sneaker.         
    Can we use casual shoes for the gym also ?? No, since each type of shoe is designed specifically for a purpose, running and training shoes are designed in a way that they durable, flexible, provides stability which other casual shoes will lack up to a certain extent.

Now you know how to get the best men’s casual footwear, with a little experiment we are sure that you will be able to find the perfect pair of footwear.

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