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Having a good pair of shoes will not only give you the best feeling but also prevents injuries. Remember picking the right shoes can affect your whole body and not just your feet.

Know Your Shoes

Casual Shoes

Formal Shoes

Sport Shoes

Who is it for?

The best shoes for men that you might be looking for either online or going through your favorite brand stores need not only the investment but also a detailed and comprehensive guide. We at ScoutChoices suggest the best shoes for men that fall in different price brackets and we rate them based on certain parameters that a shoe should be rated at.

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Understanding Shoes

You should have a clear understanding of what you are looking for and don’t get trapped just by the appearance of the footwear. There are different types of shoes and each has different parameters and requirements that you should be aware of before choosing one.

Key Features About Shoes

Proper fitting and comfort are one of the most important features that you should look for when purchasing shoes. Some shoes provide arch support, while you should also check whether the shoes are wide and long enough for your toes.

Brands and outer appearance should be the last choices if you are purchasing them through stores but brands play a vital role when purchasing shoes online since we trust them.

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Dont be afraid to shop online

As long as you are aware of what you want and enough about the brand or manufacturer, there is nothing wrong with buying online.

Even though you bought a shoe through a store considering that they are the best for you but over some time they might also make you uncomfortable, therefore getting the best shoes for men is hit and try method, you might or might not be able to figure out the perfect shoe in the first attempt. Online stores and many brands provide cancellation of the order and warranty period that will ease your buying process.

Protect your Shoes

Having a perfect pair of shoes needs investment and you don’t want to spoil them after a couple of months.

A shoe shelf can easily increase the life of your shoes by keeping them away from moisture, direct sunlight, and dust while gives proper air circulation, take your time to tie and untie the shoes because otherwise, the support in the shoe will break much faster.

Use polish and shiner that will keep soles young and the shoes will have longer life while maintaining their texture and shine.

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Different types of Shoes​

Shoes are what makes a man stylish and what kind of shoes you wear indicates whether or not you got style. The broad category for best shoes for men are casual shoes, formal shoes, and sports shoes and each of these categories in itself have at least 4 to 5 types of different shoes.

Each having its characteristics and unique style that you should be aware of before purchasing one. Some of the popular shoes for men are brogues, sneakers, loafers, boots, oxfords, and many more.

How to Clean your shoes

Different types of shoes mean there are different ways to clean them. For example, fabric shoes instead of tossing them into the washing machine, you can easily clean them with dishwashing detergent, an old toothbrush, warm water, and paper towels.

Frequently asked questions

In general, anything that fits well, has broad heels, flexible sole, with some kind of lace or straps so that the shoe is firmly attached to the foot. But with different types of shoes in the market and each have some pros and cons, therefore it is recommended to follow a buying guide before purchasing one.

Neutral colors like brown, black, white, gray, or navy is always a recommended choice because you will hardly go wrong with them. White sneakers are in fashion and look good and stylish with everything in your wardrobe.

Sneakers go with every casual outfit you have in your collection. Whereas formal loafers suit you when you wear them with chinos and pants. With so many types of shoes, some go well on parties or dates but should be avoided during business events or job interviews.

Nike, Adidas, New Balance are some of the top shoe brands out there that are not only trustable but also create shoes of the highest quality.

They can be worn as formal shoes but they give more of a casual feel, But it depends on how you wear them, they look stunning with a pair of trousers or chinos. Loafers are one of the popular slip-on shoes for men and usually, people wore them during summers because it will be easier for your feet to breathe.

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